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16T – Mobile City Crane Hire

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Mobile City Crane Hire in Sydney and Wollongong

16 Tonne, mobile city cranes are compact and highly manoeuvrable. This city crane is a slewing mobile crane with a surprisingly high reach capability.

Sydney & Wollongong building sites are getting tighter with less access as the years go on. This has dramatically increased the requirement of these types of mobile city cranes in both Sydney and Wollongong.

If you have a site with room constraints, contact Action Cranes and one of our experienced team members will advise you on the most effective mobile city crane for your project.

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16 tonne City Crane
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16 tonne city cranes available for hire
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16 tonne mobile city crane

The 16 tonne mobile city crane is the most popular of all city cranes available for hire in Sydney.

Most of all the 16 tonne mobile city crane is a compact and versatile machine as a result the 16 tonne city crane has surprising lifting capabilities therefore for light weights the 16 tonne city crane is able to have long and / or high reaches as opposed to heavy weights which are closer to the crane.

Consequently the 16 tonne mobile city crane is easy to manoeuvre with quick set up times.

The fact that they are so compact the 16 tonne city cranes is able to squeeze into some tight spots all around Sydney and Wollongong. Places that have overhead wires our city cranes are able to stear clear from hazardous areas. 16 tonne city cranes are the way to go if you are looking for something that is compact.





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