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Spreader Bars

We have a variety of spreader bars which can accommodate for your lifting needs. 

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12 metre modular

Adjustable from 4 metres to 12 metres in 2 metre increments.

SWL 100 tonne @ 60 degrees from 4 metres to 12 metres

Tare 1,100kg at 12 metres length

8.2 metre long

SWL 4 tonne. Tare 300kg.

Fixed length with 6 different lifting positions.

3.6 metre long

80 tonne spreader bar (multi hole).

Also can be used as a 45 tonne lifting beam. Tare 2,000kg.

various smaller

From 1 metre to 6 metres and up to SWL 40tonne.

lifting beams

3.1 metre long 10 tonne.

90 tonne coat hanger – 7.5 metres long. Tare 2,100kg


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