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100% Accident Free

Has the crane company you’re using been going for 40 years?

Has the crane company you’re using had a major crane accident or crane rollover?

Has the crane company you’re using had a fatality?

Action Cranes was established in 1971, Operating for over 45 years, making Action Cranes the second oldest crane company in Sydney.

This crane company has been going for over 40 years and is still the same company.

This crane company is the second oldest in Sydney and has never had a crane rollover.

This crane company has never had a fatality.


Sydney Suburbs Serviced – Crane & Franna hire

Sydney Crane hire - Sydney Franna Hire - Sydney Suburbs

Sydney Suburbs Serviced

Wollongong Suburbs Serviced – Crane & Franna hire

Wollongong crane hire - Wollongong Crane Services - Wollongong Franna Hire - City Cranes - Wollongong

Wollongong Suburbs Serviced

7 Reasons we are suitable for the work at your sites:

We have a diverse fleet of cranes and can easily meet any lifting requirements.

We have the staff and systems in place to meet any of your WHS requirements including but not limited to detailed lift analysis.

We are contactable and able to supply cranes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We can dedicate a specific lift manager for your site inspections and site meetings as required.

Crews are certified with RISI / RIW / HRW / Licences etc.

All Safety documents such as SWMS / JSA and Specific mobile crane information can be arranged promptly.

Positive can do attitude from both lifting crew and staff. Highly trained and qualified staff, which apply themselves in a courteous and professional manner and resolve all tasks either small or large in the most efficient cost effective manner.

Specialised Equipment:
  • Man boxes
  • Brick cages
  • Equipment cage
  • Concrete kibbles
  • Rubbish bins
  • Mud buckets
  • Spreader bars (ranging from 1m to 12m and 6 tonne to 100 tonne)
  • Swift lifts (ranging from 1.3 tonne to 32 tonne)
  • Skating/jacking equipment and equalising sets





Crane Hire Fleet

10 tonne

16 tonne City Cranes

20 tonne Franna

25 tonne Franna

35 tonne All Terrain Crane

55 tonne All Terrain Crane

80 tonne All Terrain Crane

90 tonne All Terrain Crane

100 tonne All Terrain Crane

130 tonne All Terrain Crane

200 tonne All Terrain Crane

250 tonne All Terrain Crane

300 tonne All Terrain Crane

350 tonne All Terrain Crane





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