Moving materials using an overhead crane? Make sure you’ve got the right gear for the job

You’ll want to know your concrete kibbles from your brick cages when moving materials

At Action Cranes we have a range of overhead crane attachments available for hire, but they have very different specific functions and purposes. For example, one attachment might be perfect for moving sand, but be completely unsuitable for moving bricks or a pallet of timber. So with that in mind, here’s a quick overview and explanation of our different bridge crane attachments available for hire.


If you need to move concrete, sand, gravel, or another similarly fine construction material using an overhead crane, a concrete kibble will probably be your best bet. These conical contraptions look a bit like a funnel, and are purpose-built for moving and dumping concrete, with a discharge gate at the bottom for easy release of materials.

Concrete kibbles are ideal for moving concrete, as well as fine particulate matter like sand or gravel that could easily fall out of or through other attachments. However, their irregular shape makes them less suited to moving materials that travel best when stacked, such as bricks or lengths of timber.

Concrete kibble

As the name suggests, brick cages are designed to safely and effectively carry pallets of bricks. That being said, their shape and size makes them equally well-suited to moving pallets of just about anything, including timber, sandbags, bags of soil, etc.

However, if you’re moving something irregularly shaped or loose particulate, a brick cage probably isn’t the best solution. The walls of a brick cage contain plenty of holes and gaps that loose materials could get stuck in or fall through.

Brick cage

Skip bins are, quite literally, the ‘catch-all’ solution for moving materials around a worksite via overhead crane. Their open-top bucket design means they can carry all manner of oddly-shaped objects and materials, as well as fine particulates like sand and gravel.

While skip bins are generally used for waste removal purposes, they can be immensely useful if you have several different items that you’d like to safely move all at once. You can also hire multiple skip bins to facilitate on-site waste management, with one dedicated to recycling, one to compostable materials, and one to waste.

Crane skip bin

Man boxes are made for one thing, and one thing only - moving personnel around a worksite safely and efficiently. We offer one, two, and three-man boxes for hire, designed for use on worksites where scaffolding or elevated work platforms are not feasible.

Their design and features are great for ensuring the safety of the people being moved, but don’t really lend themselves to the carrying and moving of any particular goods or construction materials. So if you don’t need to move any staff around a worksite via an overhead crane, this attachment won’t be of much use to you.

Cylindrical man box

Goods cages are another ‘general purpose’ solution for moving goods around a worksite. They’re most often used for moving loose items and palleted goods, due to their secure and easy-to-access design.

Their design similarities to brick cages make them unsuitable for moving fine particulate matter like sand or gravel, but if you need to move larger loose goods around a worksite, a goods cage could be the answer.

Goods cage

Understanding which overhead crane attachment’s right for the job is key to success

Moving materials around a site isn’t hard if you’ve got the right equipment; but that makes it crucial to pick the right gear for the job. Our range of overhead crane attachments contains a solution for every material moving job out there, so if you’re not sure which one’s best for your job just drop us a line! Our team’s on-hand and ready to answer your enquiries to help you find the best solution for your worksite.

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