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Action Cranes aren’t just Sydney’s first choice for mobile crane hire, but we also provide all necessary crane equipment and attachments you need to effectively carry out your project needs. If you need reliable, high quality, and high-strength crane attachment hire for any crane or forklift, take a look at our wide range of equipment and attachments that will work with both your crane and your budget.


Our brick cages offer optimum efficiency when it comes to transporting your bricks or other construction materials. The brick cage attachments from Action Cranes can hold up to 1500mm-high and 1170mm-wide square pallets of up to 2000kg in weight, and are fitted with crane lugs to be as safe and reliable as possible.


Action Cranes provides skip bin attachments that are up to one cubic metre in volume and are fitted with four heavy-duty lifting and tipping points for easy transport and delivery around your project site.


If you need a safe and reliable way to move workers around your construction site, we provide crane man baskets and boxes of up to three-person capacity. Our baskets can also be fitted as a first aid cage if needed for your project.


Our material goods cages can hold 4000kg of construction materials that are within the dimensions of 2900x1223x2100mm, and come with a removable top frame for high loads. If you need easy material delivery around your site, our goods cages are designed for optimum safety and ease of transport.


Our crane kibbles for concrete, sand, gravel, and a variety of other construction materials come in both small and large size, able to hold a load of 2000kg within 0.5 cubic metres of volume as well as 3000kg within 1 cubic metre of volume.


We have a diverse range of additional specialised lifting equipment and attachments for your crane, which includes:

  • Spreader bars
  • Swift lifts
  • Shackles
  • Container lifters
  • Nylon endless slings
  • Large flat slings
  • Snatch blocks
  • Machinery skates
  • Chain blocks
  • Lever blocks
  • Toe jacks
  • Corner protectors for lifting equipment
  • Chains
  • Crane pads
  • Site boxes

Serving the Greater Sydney Area

If you need our range of crane equipment in Wollongong, Wollondilly Shire, Blue Mountains, or the Southern Highlands, Action Cranes provides our cranes and crane attachment hire across the entire Greater Sydney area. Get in touch with our team now for a quick and easy quote.

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