80t crane for hire in Sydney

Some Sydney-based building sites can often be difficult to navigate due to their difficult access and rough terrain. If you want to complete construction using a crane in a small area with tough terrain, you need a our 80t crane! We supply state-of-the-art 80t mobile cranes with high reach and manoeuvrability to complete your project. Hire our Liebherr LTM 1080/1 80t crane today.

Why hire our 80t crane?

This 80t Liebherr mobile slewing crane provides clients with an extremely versatile lifting option. Our 80t crane can handle the tight-access nature of Sydney sites while still being able to effortlessly lift the heaviest of loads. Our 80t crane is a four-axle all-terrain mobile crane that has a long main boom for those hard-to-reach places in any construction site. It’s wheel-steer capabilities allow it to act like a compact crane no matter it’s weight capacity. The LTM 1080/1 is surprisingly quick to set up and dismantle, reducing costs to customers whilst minimising unnecessary downtime.


80t All Terrain Crane Features

  • Liebherr-designed and -manufactured high-tensile fine-grained structural steel frame
  • 4-Point support outriggers
  • 6-Cylinder Liebherr-made diesel water-cooled engine
  • ZF power shift gear with torque converter
  • All axels steered
  • Hydropneumatic suspension and hydraulic locking facilities on all axels
  • Hydraulic power assistance and stand-by steering pump on front axels
  • All-wheel servo-air brake
  • Spring-loaded handbrake 
  • Two-person driving cab
  • Modern data bus technique controls electrical and electronic components
  • Double-axial piston variable displacement pump with automatic capacity control
  • Double gear pump
  • Open oil circuits with electrically controlled load sensing
  • 2 Joystick-type control levers
  • Axial-piston fixed displacement motor
  • Hoist drum with integrated planetary gear
  • Spring-loaded static brake
  • Differential ram with pilot-operated brake valve
  • Fully galvanised steel crane cab with safety glass and heater
  • LICCON Safe load indicator
  • Hoist limit switch
  • Safety valves against rupture of pipes and hoses
  • Buckling-resistant and torsion-proof telescopic boom


  • Telescoping boom length: 48m
  • Dimensions [LxWxH]: 12.6x7.0x3.8m
  • Engine capacity: 320kW
  • Engine maximum torque: 1900Nm
  • Tyres: 8


  • Single 10.5m long folding jib 
  • Double 10.5m long folding jib
  • 2nd Hoist gear
  • 7.5t Additional counterweight

Our 80t mobile crane can navigate your site with ease, no matter the terrain or location!

Enquire about our 80t crane today

Within the Sydney, Wollongong, Wollondilly Shire, Blue Mountains and Southern Highlands areas, Action Cranes can provide you with a quality 80t mobile crane package. Give us a call now or fill out our online form to direct your questions to our team. We look forward to hearing from you!

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