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Sydney construction sites are getting busier and the equipment on them is getting more diverse. To transport materials and tools from one end of the site to another you need a crane skip bin that any crane can lift. Our crane skip bins are suitable for use with most overhead crane systems and will ensure you lift equipment and construction materials safely and efficiently. Hire a crane skip bin to keep your job site clean and tidy today.

Transport materials with ease

Crane skip bins are a highly effective means of moving waste and construction material around a site by overhead crane. Once transported by crane, a crane skip bin is emptied into large receiving bins. Crane skip bins are most commonly used on construction sites, manufacturing facilities and mine operations. However, they are also suitable for domestic, other building and landscaping needs, and are great for both big and small jobs. They are suitable for the removal of most materials - including mixed loads – as they’re made of sturdy materials that enhance stability during transportation or rough handling. Crane skip bins can be used to decrease your site’s carbon footprint if dedicated to separated recyclables, compostable materials and waste.


Skip Bin Features

  • Easy emptying with tapered design
  • 4 Heavy-duty lifting points
  • 4 Heavy-duty tipping points


  • Safe working load: 2000kg
  • Unit weight: 250kg
  • Volume capacity 1 cubic metre


Serving the Greater Sydney Area

If you’re anywhere in Sydney, Wollongong, Wollondilly Shire, Blue Mountains or the Southern Highlands, we can come to you!


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