Crane lifting attachments and equipment

Additional specialised lifting equipment and crane attachments for all project needs

If you need crane lifting attachments and specialised lifting equipment for your project, Action Cranes has a wide range of crane accessories that are designed for a multitude of purposes to make sure your exact requirements are met. From crane spreader bars, to crane pads, shackles, slings, and much more, hire a crane lifting attachment from us today to see why Action Cranes are the first choice crane providers across Sydney.

Our range of specialised crane lifting attachments includes:

Crane spreader bars

Our crane spreader bars come in a variety of different lengths and types, which includes:

  • 18m modular from 4m-18m can hold up to 60t
  • 12 metre modular – adjustable from 4-12m; can hold up to 100t​
  • 8.2 metres long – fixed length with 6 different lifting positions; can hold up to 4t
  • 3.6 metres long – multi-hole; can hold 80t; can be used as a 45t lifting beam
  • Lifting beams – 3.1m at 10t safe working load; 7.5m at 90t safe working load
  • Various smaller spreader bars – 1m-6m bars with 40t safe working load

Swift lifts

Swift lifts are specialised lifting equipment attachments that are used for lifting prefabricated concrete products like pits and lids. Our swift lifts come in a range of all sizes from 1.3t to 32t.


We have all sizes of shackles up to 85t, including 55t high tensile-strength shackles which have the same pin size as a 35t shackle.

Container lifters

We have a range of container lifters, which are special purpose hooks suitable for lifting cargo containers.

Nylon endless slings

Nylon endless slings are one of the most popular lifting slings on the market due to their affordability, versatility and strength. Action Cranes have nylon endless strings that are able to lift up to 80t in weight.

Large flat slings

Flat slings – also known as webbing slings – are an all-purpose lifting sling that enable strong and non-damaging load lifts. Our flat slings can hold up to 20t and are a specialised lifting equipment, and which are commonly used in boating applications.

Snatch Blocks

Snatch blocks are heavy-duty pulleys that are inside metal casing. They allow you to change the direction of a winch’s cable by offsetting the anchor point. We have 5t-20t snatch blocks.

Machinery Skates

Machinery skates are a set of rollers mounted to a heavy-duty frame used for moving heavy machinery in confined spaces. We provide both steerable and non-steerable machinery skates.

Chain blocks & lever blocks

Chain blocks are also known as hand chain hoists, and are crane lifting attachments that are used to lift and lower heavy loads using a chain. Lever blocks are used for the same purpose.

Toe jacks

A toe jack is a low foot or toe casting tool that is lifted by an internal hydraulic jack, and is perfect for lifting and positioning heavy equipment or loads.

Corner protectors for lifting equipment

Corner protectors are a mechanism that protects slings from damage. Our corner protectors are suitable for up to 32mm chains and 80t nylons.

80 and 100 grade chains

If you need high-strength chains for your crane lifting attachments, Action Cranes provides both 80 and 100 grade chains that are up to 32mm thick.

Crane pads

Crane pads are single piece solutions for outrigger support, load distribution and stability. We provide two sizes of crane pads which are both rated up to 150t:

  • 1.6x1.8m
  • 2.4x1.8m

Other crane equipment available from Action Cranes:

We have a range of specialised lifting equipment for hire alongside our crane hire.

This includes:

Hire a crane for your specialised crane attachments or equipment

Action Cranes has a diverse range of cranes and attachments for hire for projects of all types across the Greater Sydney region. Whether you’re after a City Crane, a Franna Crane, or an All Terrain Crane, take a look at our complete crane hire fleet to find out more about our variety of cranes and size options for your project needs.

Serving the Greater Sydney Area

If you’re located anywhere in the Greater Sydney, Wollongong, Wollondilly Shire, Blue Mountains, or Southern Highlands regions, Action Cranes is able to provide our range of crane lifting attachments for your project. Get in touch now for a quick and easy quote on our specialised lifting equipment.

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