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Sydney job sites are getting busier and the equipment on them even more diverse. To transport goods from one end of the site to another you need a goods cage that any crane can lift. Our goods cages are suitable for use with most overhead crane systems and will ensure you lift equipment and construction materials safely and efficiently. Hire a goods cage for your construction site today.

Transport materials with ease

A goods cage allows goods to be safely stored or easily transported around on site whether by crane or forklift. Our goods cage is perfect for skating loads off the cage through high-rise buildings. It’s also ideal for use in warehouse or distribution facilities, between ground and mezzanine levels, and where items like furniture or white goods frequent the workplace. Goods cages are most often used for loose items or palleted goods, and when palleted it’s most suitable for standard timber palettes. It’s non-slip flooring, specialised secure straps ensures the safety and security of your goods during transport - and with features like a removable top frame, a fully front-opening gate, drop-down removable access ramp and a stackable design, our goods cage is the most convenient and efficient goods cage on the market.


Goods Cage Features

  • Removable top frame for high loads
  • Specialised secure straps
  • Non-slip flooring
  • Four-point crane lungs
  • Fully front-opening gate for easy loading/ unloading
  • Mesh panels on all side faces
  • Sheet metal floor panel


  • Safe working load: 4000kg
  • Dimensions [LxWxH]: 2900x1223x2100mm
  • Tare weight: 700kg


Serving the Greater Sydney Area

If you’re anywhere in Sydney, Wollongong, Wollondilly Shire, Blue Mountains or the Southern Highlands, we can come to you!


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