To crane, or not to crane?

Things to consider before undertaking crane hire services

In the game of construction, crane equipment can play an integral role across all manner of industry projects. Models such as the 10t city crane can make light work of small residential jobs, while the heftier 130t all-terrain cranes form the cornerstone of industrial installation works.

But before you enlist the fantastic services a crane hire company like Action Cranes has to offer, it’s important to take several key prerequisites under advisement. That way, you can be assured that when the crane arrives, it can do what it does best without unnecessary hold-ups or costly downtime.


The arrival and the placement

First of all, it’s important to weigh up exactly how the crane is going to get to your job and where the most suitable placement position will be. Now, while we’ve got you out there with the tape measure sizing up the access point, also factor in that once this initial obstacle is overcome, are the crane operators going to have the required space to do a safe set-up?

The other key factor that needs to be considered when selecting the crane hire placement, is the distance from the crane’s centre to the load location.


The object and the obstruction

A lift plan is essential to ensure a crane hire job goes off without a hitch. Providing the crane rental company with the accurate dimensions and weight of the item to be lifted is key to the development of a successful plan. The height of the obstruction is also information that is good to have on hand when sourcing crane wet hire.


Hazards and obstacles

Overhead power lines, cables, and other elevated obstacles are not always considered when hiring a crane – especially on smaller projects. So, make the time to look skywards and take complete stock of what’s going on up there. Anything that could get in the way, cause damage to, or be damaged by the crane should be noted and passed along to the crane hire company.


Are you working on solid ground?

The integrity of the ground on which the plant will operate is crucial to a successful crane hire as you will need to identify whether it has the correct bearing strength to support both the crane and the load. It is also important to determine if there are any underground utilities or cavities beneath the surface. You should also advise the crane hire company if they will be required to work at an angle or on a steep incline or decline.


Permit approvals and public roads

If a lack of access, or a small site means that the placement of the crane will need to be relegated to a public space, you will need to ensure that all necessary permit approvals are received before work can commence. For crane placements that will obstruct public roads, adequate traffic management will also need to be arranged.

Legal requirements will vary so it is recommended that you do a bit of research into the official legal obligations for your site area.


As the longest serving mobile crane hire company in Sydney, we undertake projects of all sizes providing top-of-the-line machinery with qualified professionals managing their operation. We guarantee a safe, reliable, and flawless crane hire experience on every occasion. 

Contact us today on (02) 9159 6708 to speak to a member of our friendly team about the crane rental requirements for your next project.

Leave it to the professionals

Finally, when looking to undertake the services of a crane hire company, it is important to check that not only are they an experienced operator, but that they hold all necessary licenses and insurances and carry out routine maintenance on all their fleet.

With over 40 years of experience, Action Cranes take great care to ensure our crane for hire fleet is expertly maintained with yearly Cranesafe certifications. All our crane crews have Workcover licences, and Action Cranes are fully insured with $20 million public liability insurance, $30 million road-risk insurance, and $1 million on-hook insurance.

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