Why you should hire a franna crane

Choosing the right equipment for a construction project is never an easy task. You need to take into account a large number of variables, whilst accounting for all obstacles and worst-case scenarios you may encounter along the way. An incorrect machinery selection could jeopardise your timeline and potentially incur unplanned costs.

When it comes to selecting a crane, there are many options to choose, but while most can accomplish the basic premise of lifting objects, there’s one crane type that has so much more to offer: the franna crane. As premier suppliers of this Australian-designed wonder, we've put together a list of reasons that you might want to consider franna crane hire. But first, it’s probably best to tell you a little bit about it.

What is a franna crane?

The franna crane - also known as a pick and carry crane - was the first of its kind to enter the market and offered a point of difference to those cranes that preceded it. Purposely designed for travel on roadways, the franna crane has the unique ability to transport load across great distances. This feature has made it highly sought after across a range of industries and it is currently one of the most popular crane types available.

You can learn more about the franna crane’s history on our previous blog post here.

So now that we’ve all got a better idea of what a franna crane is, let’s get into the reasons you should hire one.

A mobile Action crane in city

You need to transport material over a distance

If you have material transport that goes beyond the vertical lifting and slewing afforded by a boom, then a franna crane hire might be just the ticket. With its ability to taxi a load from point A to B across a work site or even via a public road, a franna crane is a convenient time-saving option.

You have multiple lifting locations

If your project requires lifts to be performed across various locations on the site, hiring a franna crane makes for an ideal option. With other crane types – including even mobile varieties – you will still need to perform a complete and lengthy pack down before moving the crane to the next location and setting it up again. Without the need for stabilising legs or outriggers, a franna crane takes minimal time to become operational at a new location.
A mobile Action crane in city

You can have additional project locations

If you’re working on multiple projects, hiring a franna crane can be a significant cost saving exercise: rather than foot the bill for hiring two cranes, why not simply hire a single franna crane and drive it between the two locations? Built for use on public roads, franna cranes can easily navigate through residential and city streets, even those with limited access. While this may require efficient scheduling so there’s no overlap between the two worksite’s requirements, it could end up saving you enough money to make it worth your while.
An operating frenna crane

You’re working on a smaller project

Not all projects are created equal. Some might be quite small in scale, whilst others are simply mammoth. If you find yourself with a lifting requirement that doesn’t necessitate the use of a large crane, then franna crane hire is ideal. With lower daily rates and a smaller environmental footprint, a franna crane is the perfect option for smaller or residential projects.
An operating frenna crane

Hire a franna crane with us

If you feel like franna crane hire would be the perfect fit for your next project, why not reach out to the team at Action Cranes today. We have a reliable fleet of 20 tonne and 25 tonne franna cranes available for hire throughout Sydney and surrounding areas. With competitive rates and the highest quality of services, you can count on our team to get your job done. Contact us for more information or pay a visit to our crane hire services page.

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