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Sydney and Wollongong building sites are getting tighter and less accessible, whether on smooth or rough terrain. For a small area with tough terrain, you need a small all-terrain crane! We supply all-terrain cranes with high reach and the surprisingly high manoeuvrability to complete your project. Hire our Liebherr LTM 1080/1 80t all-terrain crane today.

Versatility for the tightest locations

This 80t Liebherr mobile slewing all-terrain crane is an extremely versatile crane. It can access the tightest locations in Sydney while still able to lift the heaviest of loads. It is a four-axle all-terrain mobile crane that has a long main boom for those hard-to-reach places in any Sydney construction site. It’s wheel-steer capabilities allow it to act like a compact crane no matter it’s weight capacity. The LTM 1080/1 is surprisingly quick to set up and dismantle, reducing costs to customers.


80t All Terrain Crane Features

  • Liebherr-designed and -manufactured high-tensile fine-grained structural steel frame
  • 4-Point support outriggers
  • 6-Cylinder Liebherr-made diesel water-cooled engine
  • ZF power shift gear with torque converter
  • All axels steered
  • Hydropneumatic suspension and hydraulic locking facilities on all axels
  • Hydraulic power assistance and stand-by steering pump on front axels
  • All-wheel servo-air brake
  • Spring-loaded handbrake 
  • Two-person driving cab
  • Modern data bus technique controls electrical and electronic components
  • Double-axial piston variable displacement pump with automatic capacity control
  • Double gear pump
  • Open oil circuits with electrically controlled load sensing
  • 2 Joystick-type control levers
  • Axial-piston fixed displacement motor
  • Hoist drum with integrated planetary gear
  • Spring-loaded static brake
  • Differential ram with pilot-operated brake valve
  • Fully galvanised steel crane cab with safety glass and heater
  • LICCON Safe load indicator
  • Hoist limit switch
  • Safety valves against rupture of pipes and hoses
  • Buckling-resistant and torsion-proof telescopic boom


  • Telescoping boom length: 48m
  • Dimensions [LxWxH]: 12.6x7.0x3.8m
  • Engine capacity: 320kW
  • Engine maximum torque: 1900Nm
  • Tyres: 8


  • Single 10.5m long folding jib 
  • Double 10.5m long folding jib
  • 2nd Hoist gear
  • 7.5t Additional counterweight


Serving the Greater Sydney Area

If you’re anywhere in Sydney, Wollongong, Wollondilly Shire, Blue Mountains or the Southern Highlands, we can come to you!


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