The Liebherr telescopic compact crane: a rig in the city

Whether it’s trying to button up a pair of pre-lockdown jeans or fitting six people into a five-seater car - which for legal reasons isn’t something anyone would ever try – no one, and I mean no one, likes a tight squeeze. Sadly, this common sentiment is one that also rings true throughout the urban construction industry.

Overpopulated cityscapes, both modern and historical, are a tactical and logistical nightmare for crane equipment operators. The task of manoeuvering a rig through a labyrinth of city streets and laneways to reach a job is a dubious one, even for the most Tetris-loving of tradesmen.

Fortunately, Action Cranes, with some help from the good folk at Liebherr, are now able to make the problematic city-project a thing of the past.

A mobile Action crane in city

Introducing, the Liebherr telescopic compact (LTC) city crane, the latest addition to the Action Cranes fleet. With a 50-ton load capacity this mobile crane for hire combines power and precision to give you the versatility needed to access the most constricted of areas without needing to compromise on the overall hoisting load capacity.

As the longest serving mobile crane hire company in Sydney, it’s only natural that Action Cranes be among the first to roll out the LTC city crane to the marketplace. Let’s take a look at some of the more notable features that make this compact crane an absolute game changer.

Compact and customisable, this 50-ton crane is city chic

With an all-terrain drive, coupled with a slimline width of a mere 2.55 metres, the LTC city crane can roll its way through the streets of Sydney unabated, showing up work-ready for anything the city has to offer - from shining large-scale industrial waterfront complexes to less glamourous back-alley urban projects.

It boasts a tight 7.5 metre turning circle that can be reduced even further, when necessary, by removing storage boxes and luffing the jib to make the chassis’ turning circle the baseline. And speaking of storage, this compact beauty can carry all its own equipment, attachments, and accessories, eliminating the need, and cost, of additional carriers.

A single cabin fit-out serves as both the drive and operation space whilst Variobase trademarked technology allows for adjustments to each outrigger, extending them to varied lengths for increased safety and enhanced lifting capabilities.

Actions Cranes have a long-standing safety record and rating that is second to none. So, it’s no surprise that the Liebherr compact crane reflects this adherence to safety in its own operating capacities.

A mobile Action crane in city

A telescopic transformation

When it’s time to get on with actual work at hand, the 50-ton crane gives a Transformer-like performance as the cabin is relocated to the rear of the rig and it gains the ability to be telescoped, enhancing overall operational safety.

With a maximum telescoped height of a little under eight metres, it provides the crane operator with an optimum view of the load and surrounds - not to mention an ideal perch for social-media worthy snaps in the more picturesque project locations.

For the more environmentally conscious among us, never fear, the 50-ton crane also features an ECOmode, allowing for a minimisation of both fuel consumption, and noise emissions ensuring its contribution to the big smoke is a relatively small one.

An operating frenna crane

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