A crane for all seasons – the all-terrain crane and why you should hire one

When rough terrain met a tough crane

It all began with a contract from the ministry of defence in the 1950’s. Who knew that the military’s need for an off-road crane with high travel speeds would evolve into a construction powerhouse; capable of rivalling both the popularity and lifting power of the historic tower cranes themselves. Ladies and gentlemen, please be upstanding for the all-terrain crane.


No road? No problem

If you find yourself tasked with undertaking construction work in exotic or underdeveloped locations where roads are a foreign luxury, your project could benefit from all-terrain crane hire. Designed with functional mobility foremost in mind and able to effectively operate as an off-road crane, all-terrain models feature an all-wheel drive steering and suspension system. All-terrain cranes are no stranger to isolated sites, and are commonly used to tackle pipeline and mobile phone tower installations as well industrial haulage on mine sites and other remote areas of Australia.

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The need for speed

When roads are on the agenda an all-terrain crane easily keeps up with the daily commuter crowd, able to reach speeds of up to 80 kilometres per hour on asphalt roads and highways. This zippy feature is especially handy for those who operate projects across multiple locations as you can utilise a singular all-terrain crane to carry out what would otherwise require multiple fixed or non-roadworthy cranes.
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But do you even lift bro?

Yes. Quite a lot in fact. The all-terrain cranes that Action Cranes have at their disposal possess a load lifting capacity ranging from 55 tonnes all the way up to an impressive 130 tonnes. Combine this with an overall maximum hoist height of 95 metres, a 60-metre telescopic boom, and the ability to be repositioned as required and I bet you’re starting to regret listening to that so-called industry expert who led you to believe that mobile cranes can’t lift. That’s what they call fake news people.

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If you can’t take the weather with you, best you take an all-terrain crane

Torrential rain is no match for the all-terrain crane. They’re made to be sturdy and durable, and are capable of withstanding extreme temperature variations and rough weather conditions while ensuring that the operator remains safe and comfortable throughout.

PLEASE NOTE: Cranes and strong winds are not an amazing combination at the best of times. We encourage operators to follow best practice procedures whenever things get overly breezy.

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When an all-terrain crane doesn’t suit, we’ve got the solution

As outstanding as all terrain cranes are, sometimes an alternative type of mobile crane may be better suited to your project. Fortunately, at Action Cranes we have a wide range of mobile crane offerings to ensure your projects are always catered for.

If you have a project with tight or limited access, then perhaps something like our 10 tonne all access city crane would be an ideal option. For those needing to ferry loads around a site or over a distance but not requiring a large hoist height, we have a range of Franna cranes that can handle the task with ease.

If you’re now scratching your head wondering “what is a Franna crane?” you can find that answer on our previous post.

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Get a superior lifting performance wherever your project may be

To experience the versatility that an all-terrain crane can provide to your next project, reach out to our team today. Action Cranes have over 40 years of experience and are the leading provider of comprehensive lifting solutions Sydney-wide. Our fleet of cranes for hire are top-of-the-line, reliable, and will always impress on-site.

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