The top 5 features of a 10t city crane

When it comes to inner-city living, space is a luxury that is seldom afforded. The same can be said for inner-city construction projects. Sites are getting smaller and less accessible with minimal operating space needing to accommodate multiple large pieces of machinery. As such, while looming tower cranes were once the go-to equipment for lifting, the modern urban landscape is now being reshaped with the use of smaller-sized city cranes.

Compact and versatile, city cranes are designed for quick, efficient, and often repetitive lifts in built-up areas. City crane hire services have become an increasingly popular option for construction companies and developers who want to avoid the logistical challenges and costs associated with larger cranes. As a leading supplier of city crane hire services to construction projects across Sydney, we’ve outlined the top five features of a 10t city crane and how it could benefit your next project.

1. Compact size for advanced accessibility

With a width of a mere 2 metres, the 10t city crane is able to enter sites and operate in areas that would otherwise be inaccessible to larger machinery. This not only saves time but also allows construction companies to avoid the costly process of demolishing structures or excavating large amounts of earth to make way for a bigger crane.

A 10t city crane’s narrow build also means it can rotate 360 degrees within a very small radius. This gives the operator much greater control when moving loads around tight spaces, which is often required in city construction projects. These compact dimensions also make the 10t city crane ideal for work inside factories and warehouses.

A mobile Action crane in city

2. Easy set-up

Another significant advantage of the 10t city crane is its quick and easy set-up process, since the 10t city crane can be up and operational in minimal time and with little space needed upon arriving at your project site. This makes them an ideal solution for construction companies who need a lifting solution at short notice.

3. Manoeuvrability

The 10t city crane’s compact size and all-wheel drive make it highly manoeuvrable, even in the tightest of spaces. It also can be driven on public roads without the need for a wide load permit, which is often required for larger cranes.
A mobile Action crane in city

4. Long boom configuration

With a telescopic boom length of up to 21.5 metres, the 10t city crane can cater to an impressive range of civil, commercial, and residential lifting requirements. The length of the boom can easily be adjusted to accommodate for obstacles like powerlines, trees, and any other overhead obstructions.
An operating frenna crane

5. The size doesn’t compromise on lifting power

For those that may be thinking that the 10t city crane's size greatly impacts its lifting capacity, don’t worry. As its name indicates, the 10t city crane has a maximum lifting capacity of 10 tonnes, which is the equivalent of two city buses. For a large number of projects, this capacity is more than enough to cater to their needs.
An operating frenna crane

Looking to hire a 10t city crane?

If you think that the 10t city crane has what it takes to tackle your next inner-city project, get in touch with our team today. We can provide you with a range of city crane hire options that are competitively priced and guarantee quality lifting performance on-site. Contact us for more information or visit the crane hire page on our website.

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